In Japan, if you ask "Speaking of RPGs?", the game maker that comes up first is Square Enix.nHe has worked on countless masterpiece titles such as "Final Fantasy", "Dragon Quest", "Kingdom Hearts", "Legend of the Holy Sword", "Chrono Trigger", etc., and is loved all over the world.nAmong the many series, the one that has many enthusiastic fans is the "saga" series.nPerhaps because of the unique worldview and atmosphere of the "Saga" series, and the high level of difficulty, many of them often play the game, so I feel that many "Saga" fans have strong feelings for them. Romancing Sa Ga 2" one night.nThe RPG for smartphones "Romancing Saga Re-Universe" is also a great "Saga" series, but the official live broadcast of the "Saga" series to deliver the latest information was broadcast from May 31, 2022 (Tuesday) 19:00, and it was attracting attention what kind of information would be released, there was a ridiculous announcement from the head!nThat classic "Romancing Saga - Minstrel Song" is back remastered!

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