The other day, the curtain came down on a long-running screening of 157 days, "The Movie Version Sorcerer Battle 0"nThere are many people who have visited the theater not only once, but many times, and there are also many people who have already completed pre-orders for the DVD and Blu-ray, which will be released on September 21, 2022 (Wednesday) Bring that excitement at home!nEven in "Sorcery Battle", which is currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, until recently it was a development that made you think that the main character was "Otome Megumi", but the main character of "Sorcery Battle" is "Tiger Staff Yujin ".nEven in the work, "Tiger Staff Yujin" has faced various pinches and overcame them, but this time it seems that for some reason he will fall into an era where he is caught in a barrel.nIt has been decided to release the Blackbeard Crisis One Shot of the Sorcerer Battle Edition "Tiger Wand Crisis One Shot"!

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