With the release of June 9, 2022 (Thursday) just around the corner, the Nintendo Switch version "Demon Blade Hinokami Blood Wind Story"nThe other platform versions that have already been released were big hits, and since the Nintendo Switch version was eagerly awaited from the beginning, I only have a premonition that it will sell explosively even before its release.nThe "ufotable drawing down Ni Kiyara Illustration Sticker" of the package version of the early purchase benefit and the purchase benefit by store have also been announced, so I think that there are many people who have already made a reservation, but there are also people who want to decide after actually playing it, right?nThen let's play it and then let them decide!nIt has been decided to hold a store experience meeting where you can play the Nintendo Switch version "Demon Destruction Blade Hinokami Blood Wind Story" on the actual machine!

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