Swedish gaming equipment manufacturer "Xtrfy" continues to produce high-end e-sports equipmentnThe product is very popular for its professional use performance, and when a new product starts pre-orders in Japan, the number of appointments is often finished early on the official site.nAmong the many products, the synonym of Xtrfy is the "M4", "M42" and "MZ1" series of the so-called "meatless lightweight mouse" with a hole in the main body.nBoth are based on wired, but the long-awaited "M4 WIRELESS" will be released in Japan in January 2022. At one point, it was hard to come by.nThe M4 WIRELESS follows the right hand ergonomic design of the M4, but the shape of the mouse is quite different from person to person, right?nSymmetrical people, we have made you wait!nInside the Xtrfy mouse, the wireless model of the "M42" with a symmetrical design will appear!

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