The latest installment in the series currently on sale on the Nintendo Switch, the "Kuni-kun" series is a big hit, "Kuni-kun's Three Kingdoms, All Together!"nThe long-awaited PS4 / Steam version and the boxed version of Nintendo Switch have been decided on July 21, 2022 (Thursday), so PS4 / Steam users will have already made reservations and are just waiting for the release.nAlthough it is a long-history "Kuni-kun" series, the first game in the series "Hot-Blooded Hard-Blooded Kuni-kun" will be a title that started operating in arcades in May 1986, so May 2022 will be the 36th anniversary of the series!nAt this time of celebrating our 36th anniversary, we have started a special sale where you can purchase the legendary retro game series at a special price!

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