Capcom's hugely popular hunting action "Monster Hunter" series is also scheduled to release "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak", a super-large expansion of "Monster Hunter Rise" on June 30, 2022 (Thursday).nThe release date of the download card was also decided the other day, and the product lineup has been completed, so there are many people who are in a situation where they are just waiting for the release.nOf course, the tense hunt of the main game, but also the characters such as Otomo and monsters that appear are also very rich in personality, which is one of the charms of Monhan.nVarious goods such as cool figures and items that have been deformed and become cute are also being developed.nMonhan goods often collaborate with characters and works other than Monhan, but a new collaboration has been announced!nCollaboration goods with ninjas who wear various things have appeared!

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