"Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak" is a little over a month away from the worldwide release on June 30, 2022 (Thursday)nNew monsters, new elements, and action videos introducing weapon types are being released one after another, so you will be tempted to leave for a new adventure stage "El Gado" as soon as possible.nThere is still a little time until the release, so let's prepare so that there is no left to do with "Monster Hunter Rise"!nSpeaking of preparation, the title update will be carried out at the same time as the release, but it is said that the capacity of the update data is planned to be about 13 GB, so it is also necessary to secure the capacity of the main unit and SD card.nPre-orders for the package version, download version, amiibo, etc. have already started "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak", but the release date of the unannounced download card has been decided!nThe campaign to be implemented for each store has also been announced!

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