ASUS's gaming brand "ROG" that handles many high-performance devices that can comfortably play games that require recent specsnThe funglr Games editorial department also has many ROG products, and I feel the wonder of their performance every day. Only RPGs won!nIn addition to performance, ROG is also famous for its cool design, and routers with a lot of claws are at a level where boys can reach for design alone.nIt is still fresh in our memory that ROG released a collaboration product with the anime "Mobile Suit Gundam" nationally in 2021.nIt was a collaboration with Gundam, which already had many fans, and because the number of productions was limited, there were many products that sold out at the pre-order stage.nI was expecting such an attractive collaboration again, but on May 14, 2022 (Saturday), it was announced that we will collaborate with the national anime "Evangelion" again!nWhile the product image has also been released, and the next news of the development in Japan is awaited, ROG × Evangelion Collabo's product to be released in Japan has finally been announced!

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