NetEase Games' battle royale game "Wilderness Action" that has surpassed 250 million users worldwiden"The Seven Deadly Sins" has been collaborated twice so far, and finally the third collaboration will start!nnThis year's collection features a number of new content items based on the theme of the Demon Gods and Goddesses.nThe "Meliodas: Meliodas," a costume that recreates the demonic form of the anime version of Meliodas, is divided into six levels, with appearance, movement, and effects upgraded as you level up! In addition, "Goddess: Elizabeth", a costume that recreates the goddess form of Elizabeth, is also available! The same six levels are available, and appearance, movement, and effects are upgraded with each level up.nThe "Meliodas: Demon Goddess" and "Elizabeth: Goddess" costumes have interlocking actions! You'll have to see for yourself what kind of actions are available.nFirearm skins are also available, each with a different theme for the Demon Gods and Goddesses.nIn addition, the "Future: Evil Demon Tribe" vehicle skin with a Demon Tribe theme, the "Future: Sacred Goddess Tribe" vehicle skin with a Goddess Tribe theme, and a flight suit inspired by Mael, a fallen angel of despair with a mixture of Demon and Goddess Tribe characteristics are also available! Also, Hawk, now in the form of a rampaging dragon, and Hawk's estranged brother, Wilde's companion, will also make an appearance!nAs this is the third collaboration event, the item lineup is centered on characters from the final stages of the story.nThat is, all previous contents will of course be reprinted, including the collaboration costumes of Meliodas, Elizabeth, Diane, Ban, and King that appeared in the first collaboration event, as well as those of Gowsel, Merlin, and Escanor from the second collaboration event !nIf you were unable to obtain any of these items from previous collaborations, this is the time to make sure you get them. Don't miss out!n

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