Golden Week 2022 is over and the next public holiday is Marine Day on July 18.nIf you are off on weekends and holidays according to the calendar, you will gradually get tired as the week progresses.nEnergy drinks give energy at such times, but if you are an enadry freak who always drinks, if you take more energy, you will be worried about taking too much caffeine and calories.nIn such a case, "Lifeguard" is a pioneer of energy-based carbonated drinks with vitamins and amino acids added!nIt is a long-seller that has been loved for 36 years since its release, so it goes without saying that it is delicious, but it is a wonderful product that you can take 7 vitamins, 7 amino acids, and even royal jelly!nHowever, sweet is delicious, so it becomes a sugar that is blended. Especially when it gets hot from now on, the amount of water you drink will also increase.nIt has been decided to release a new lifeguard product of "zero carbohydrate" that is perfect for everyone who has such worries!

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