The hottest game of 2022. SNK's latest installment in the KOF series, "The King of Fighters XV"nThe long-awaited "Southtown Team" was recently rescheduled for distribution & game balance adjustments, so many people are probably reworking their critically acclaimed team formation.nSpeaking of the boss who represents KOF, "Omega Lugar" was released for free in April, but the boss who represents SNK is "Geese Howard" after all.nAnd "Billy Khan" is so handsome! I want a little more of a little more villainous feeling! In a good way!nNow, the number of characters to be used is exciting, and don't you want to play against the fierce guys from all over the world at this time of the hottest time ever?nThe official online competition of KOF XV will be held in 3 regions around the world!

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