PlayStation Plus, a flat-rate service that most PlayStation users will have subscribed to.nAlthough it may be necessary to subscribe to play online multiplayer, it is a subscriber-only service that allows you to play the entire game every month and free play distribution that allows you to purchase games at gifts and deals.nIt is a service that is too advantageous to back up save data to online storage and share play with friends, so it is a wasteful level not to subscribe.nOn PS5, there is also a "PlayStation Plus Collection" that allows you to play PS4 classic titles at no extra charge, which is also very attractive.nIt was announced that PS Plus would be reborn anew in June 2022, and it was announced that the new service would be able to play not only PS4 and PS5 but also classic titles depending on the plan, and it became a big topic.nBut aren't you really happy when you know which titles you can play?nAs the service is scheduled to launch in June, a part of the title list of the game catalog to be provided has been released!

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