"PUBG", "Fortnite", "Apex Legends", "VALORANT", etc., "Battle Royale Game" is to keep fighting until the last one person (one team). Commonly known as Batroyage.nIt has the impression that there are many genres such as TPS and FPS, but there are also titles such as "Tetris 99", "PAC-MAN 99", "Super Bomberman R Online", etc. that combine the fun of original games with Batlois elements, and battrois games are enjoyed in a wide range of genres.nWhat sparked such a revolution in the world of batroyage was "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout", which appeared in August 2020 and became a topic of conversation that can be said to be a social phenomenon.nBattrois Ge aims for first place by challenging various mini-games with seemingly cute punipuni characters, but due to the official setting that they are about 180 cm tall and the skeleton is supposed to be egetsu due to the development of the game that was a killing game with the skin of cuteness, the number of players increased in the blink of an eye.nThere are also many collaboration skins with various works and characters, so it becomes a topic of conversation every time.n"Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" is a big hit, but it was announced that the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions will be released in the summer of 2021, but the schedule has been postponed and there has been no follow-up.nJust when I was worried about what was going on, new information about "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" has been announced!

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