To play the game, you need a device to control it.nThe device you use will vary depending on your tastes and game genre, but isn't it the gamepad that you are most familiar with and that you have at least one?nThere are countless amounts of gamepads that are currently on the market, from genuine game console manufacturers to third-party ones, but each company is releasing more and more user-friendly and multifunctional ones.nAmong various manufacturers, the products of the long-established manufacturer "Mad Catz" are both popular and attention-grabbing, and are loved by many gamers.nSince we are working on a wide range of products such as mice and keyboards, since the revival of "Mad Catz" in 2018, the only controllers have been the arcade controller "EGO Arcade Stick" released in 2020 and the gamepad "C.A.T. 7" .nAlmost two years have passed since the release of C.A.T. 7, but the long-awaited new gamepad has been announced!nNow it's wireless!

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