The hottest game of 2022 is probably SNK's latest installment in the KOF series, "The King of Fighters XV."nWhile it is a sense of play with a sense of speed, it is also attractive that you can play with exhilaration even for game beginners by pressing the gory in "MAX mode" and "Rush" where combos are connected by hitting weak punches consecutively.nIt's one of the perfect titles for people who are thinking, "I'm interested in fighting games, but..." to get started with a game.nThe KOF series features traditional 3 vs 3 team battles, and is also familiar with the appearance of many unique characters.nAt the release stage, 39 characters is a tremendous number, but in addition to that, in March 2022, "Fatal Wolf MotW Team" of the paid DLC "Team Pass 1" will be distributed.nIn addition, in April 2022, "Omega Lugar" is released as a free DLC and has been increasing the number of playable characters steadily.nAnd in the paid DLC "Team Pass 1", it was decided that another "Southtown Team" will be released in May 2022, but the details have been announced this time!

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