A Golden Week in 2022 also ends and you have begun to release a new product for each company summer, right?nIt's "Sony" where the manufacturer which represents Japan is also 1 that the one of the attention is also expensive at the inside.nIt's as well as "PlayStation 5" and "PlayStation VR2", but when saying Sony, even a Android smart phone "Xperia (EKUSUPERIA)" series is familiar, isn't it?nEven if sold "Xperia 1 III (EKUSUPERIAWANMAKUSURI" also judged the attention to the present flagship model "Xperia 1" series from the whole smart phone in those days in 2021 very highly, but "Xperia" which is being developed widely from entry model to high-end model was a high-end specification.nJapan time Wednesday, May 11, 2022 when more than 1 year has passed from an announcement of "Xperia 1 III" "Xperia | New product announcement" is delivered more than 16:00, and a new product of "Xperia" announces it, it was.nAs everyone noticed slightly! "Xperia" flagship model in 2022 "Xperia 1 IV (EKUSUPERIAWANMAKUFO)" was a formal announcement!

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