High-performance delivery machinery and materials as well as gaming device and long-established store manufacturer dealing with a match and wide business to an apparel and an environmental issue "Razer"nEven if I say only by a product, a really wide item is being sold, but aren't there a lot of people who imagine a mouse, a keyboard and a gaming device of a headset as expected?nThe image also enriches the line-up so that it can be said that fixed SURU is natural, and many products are also sold in many series and the series according to the "Deathadder" "Viper" "Naga" "Basilisk" "Mamba" and all that and the needs by a popular gaming mouse.nThe popularity of a light-weight "Viper" series is also high by symmetricalness at the inside, by a e sports scene, it's light-weight and is to the extent there is a person using to work, too,because it's difficult to get tired .nEven if I say high-end model from such "Viper" series, ultralight "Razer Viper V2 Pro" which packed the most advanced technology which isn't exaggerated appears!nA sold thing decided in Japan!

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