Modern society in the ENADORI warlike ages when various manufacturers are selling an energy drink.nA new product appears by the dramatically early cycle, so a writer often takes something novel in his hand carelessly, but something to which I say "for myself, by this, most" will be that there are a lot of decided people, too.nA word as "energy drink" is a fixed impression after certain Akaushi comes in Japan but there are also products much a lot more than that which gave energy to Japanese from the front.nThat more than 40 years also keep being loved begins to sell in it in 1981, and is the "realistic gold" sold from Japanese Coke.nThey were the realistic gold which is loved in a bed widely such as "realistic gold dragon boost" of an energy drink was sold by a fact and 2019, as well as the short can type to which a royal jelly extract combination is familiar, but it was revealed to sell a new energy drink.nUh, the rock star who represents Japan is realistic, gold, I make a tag and send a new energy drink out into the world!

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