A person as at most 10 consecutive holidays and a Golden Week in 2022 when I was here meet the end, and daily life will be that there are a lot of people who have returned.nIf I think I passed, pollen is the time when the person who develops depression experienced by college freshmen or workplace recruits increases and the next holiday is Marine Day above all, so a holiday isn't for more than 2 months! I was quite absorbed !nWhen I'm spending such every day, fatigue is the one which collects, but when making one effort is already necessary, it's an energy drink to help, isn't it?nEach company is selling ENADORI of various flavors, but a flavor for summer seems to be also appearing because it'll become hot gradually now.nIt's bean jam limited performance energy "ZONe" that the van was cut in ENADORI world in 2022!nA cool new flavor "ZONe COLD SLEEP Ver.-1.9.6" was also an announcement the appearance!

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