"Cat great war" of the PONOSU corporation which meets 9 years and half year on May 15, 2022 from starting service on November 15, 2012nThe game application which is to the extent you can't finish counting, begins to give the service, and can't it be said that there are almost no titles by which only this is loved by a player a long period in the revolving early industry which is finishing giving the service?nMore "cat great wars" to which various event in the game, realistic event and new goods etc. are showing big protuberance for "9 and 1/2nd anniversary" break through 70,000,000 download of the mark at last at the end of March, 2022 , and but increases the number of downloads, passes 71,000,000 and breaks through 72,000,000 downloads!nI made a commemoration event "super-download anniversary" start!

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