House time is the relation which increased for these several years, and time which can be used for the hobby which can be done at a house increases, and it's begun newly, and if, I think there are a lot of people who say, too .nIsn't there a person who has begun the real condition delivery of the game which was the audience side resolutely up to now at the inside, either?nIt's different from a voice chat by usual multi-play, and when it's delivered on a platform, have not you found an adjustment of sound as well as a picture of a camera to be difficult?nA microphone is prepared for sound exclusive use, not a microphone of a headset, and a blender is prepared for adjustments, and if, the machinery and materials which are on a desk while doing, increase, and, the arrangement of which I think can 't be done, and if, I don't go well easily.nBecause Mike also picks the tone besides the voice such as a keyboard and dakenoto of a controller up in particular, I'd like to arrange in the appropriate location..., when that's also difficult when there is no space, it becomes stuck.nDon't you think it's settled when increasing the stands who installs a microphone then from the place which isn't annoying?nBauhutte which leaves the goods which reach such gamer's itchy place sold a pole mount stand of the long arm which can also be increased from the monitor's rear "microphone"!

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