"Kunio" of arc system Works by which Nintendo Switch edition was sold on Thursday on December 16, 2021, a series 35th anniversary commemoration work "It's Kunio's Sanguozhi, assembly of all the members!"nThe characters which are a hot blood hawk such as "Kunio" are the work which becomes a general of Sanguozhi which matches the respective characters and spins a story of Sanguozhi, so it's the title also ideal for a Sanguozhi guide of the person who wasn' t touching Sanguozhi up to now.nThe refreshing action to which a series is familiar is well, "Kunio", though it's that. When saying more Sanguozhi, NO DO is flashy "scheme", and the exhilarating feeling by which one swoop does an opponent is also added.nThere are also an upbringing factor and a multi-play factor, so various, how to enjoy oneself is also the title which can be done, isn't it?nIt was announced that even PS4 and Steam are sold in addition to Nintendo Switch, but sale time was 2022 years and after 4 months, and "It was Kunio's Sanguozhi, assembly of all the members!" was in the state by which a subsequent report is waiting for.nPS4 user who would like to play early and everyone of the Steam user, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting!nThe sale date of "It's Kunio's Sanguozhi, assembly of all the members!" when 4th edition of PS is Steam edition announces it at last, it was!

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