The monumental achievement "St. sword legend" series latest model which is an action RPG of SQUARE ENIX if it'll be starting service on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, "St. sword legend ECHOES of MANA"nAn inner canthus becomes hot only with that for the form that the character of the successive generations series moves around vividly by the latest graphic, doesn't it?nA joint struggle by multi-play also connected a multi-tap with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and played by 3 people at that time by the delicious taste of "St. sword legend", but because that can be done on-line, technological evolution is felt.nEveryone spending a Golden Week in house time seems whether is also playing "St. sword legend ECHOES of MANA" at this moment now, but does Itsuki of manna also probably seem to run away from a game and be having an influence on the real world ?nSurprisingly, "St. sword legend ECHOES of MANA" is the one by which Jack did the Yamanote Line!

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