Nintendo Switch it also keeps selling now in 1 year's and a half passing from sale soon, and where everyone much is also playing now away "Momotarou electric railroad-Showa Heisei rei wa is also a basic!-"nAn update is performed at any time and various events are put into effect, though they're the game and amusement which can be called "basic" even if it'll be reiwa as a subtitle, so it's the title I can keep playing forever , so a run hit is consent, isn't it?nDoesn't the person who returns home in long holidays from the end of April play with the family and a local friend?nSuch peach iron is also collaborated on variously by actuality as well as in the game.nThen the collaboration menu offers a very popular revolving sushi chain "sushi rho" and you hold a special event with HARARAPO in RAZONA from April 29, 2022 (money and shuku).nWhen I say in the game of peach iron, "Nissin U.F.O of fried noodles." Collaboration is putting it into effect and I appear in the SUMAHOAPURI "the real condition powerful professional baseball" side of Konami which is likewise as a collaboration partner.nIt's the peach iron which collaborates and doesn't make a player get tired in influential way, so if I appear in PAWAPUROAPURI, do I also have to come to the peach iron side reversely?nPAWAPUROAPURIKORABO has started by peach iron this time!

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