The monumental achievement "St. sword legend" series which meets a 30th anniversary of series in June, 2021, and it's an action RPG of Year midst at present 30th anniversary.nThe degree of freedom is high to a work which isn't exaggerated even if I say that the genre made itself fixed, called an action RPG in Japan, and an action with exhilarating feeling and the story I can make consider very deeply are charm, so everyone, the same title, the memory with which how many laps also played how many laps do you have?nThere was a wonderful announcement various the announcement of "St. sword legend ECHOES of MANA" for smart phone the thing the new design it's expected to offer by a console has developed in "30th anniversary of shuku! St. sword broadcast" has begun to give the service to revealing and Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at last where broadcast on Sunday on June 27, 2021 of the previous day when it'll be 30th anniversary exactly, but even the inside will be the case that animation of that famous story "St. sword legend Legend of Mana" decided that a fan was delighted.nWhen announcing it, a teaser site was exhibited only, and there was no much information, and a subsequent report was waited for from the whole world, but a teaser site remodels it in a official site this time!nA large number of information became clear!

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