Upbringing game "monster farm" series of the legend which becomes a 25th anniversary of series in July, 2022.nThough it's unique by the unique system that the other kinds as "monster revival" which make a monster born aren't judged from a CD even in the upbringing game, very popular kou is here, and it's a series.nA transplantation edition of "monster farm 2" is sold in the first "monster farm" and 2020 in 2019, and it's also a place fresh in memory that it became a big hit, isn't it? Isn't there a little one the person who played for the first time by a transplantation edition, either?nA series perfect new design "LINE: monster farm" was an announcement to be released and was also a big topic here in 2022 when such "a monster, farm" series meets 25th anniversary.nIs it said to be how on earth to do monster revival that everyone was interested in the topical inside?nA way of monster revival became clear by "LINE: monster farm" to answer the question!

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