The series latest model "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV" rises so that it isn't exaggerated even if I say the hottest fighting action game now during a smash hit at the whole world, doesn't it?nThe playable character abundant in much individuality is also charm, but there is feeling of speed, but the game speed is playing the game balance which doesn't become too early, and you recommend the title you'd like to do for everyone who was being very funny and wasn't playing a fighting action game so far, too, right?nThere is also an all-star title-like aspect of the SNK work for a KOF series, and the characters of the very popular title of SNK appear on "gaookami legend" as well as the original character "Ryuuko's fist" "psycho soldier" "do".nBecause "SAMURAI SPIRITS" where the latest model is big-grossing and a "METARUSURAGGU" etc. hit of an action game are also SNK with a lot of attractive characters here much even if regular isn't appearing on KOF, the considerable number is Also sold by the goods.nIt's a SNK formal mail-order site "SNK online shop" that it was possible to buy such a great deal of SNK goodses, isn't it?nBut a lot of "SNK online shops" have been an announcement to end service this time a limitation item and the person who has that and has used it time and again up to now.

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