The "St. sword, legend" series latest model of SQUARE ENIX for smart phone "St. sword legend ECHOES of MANA"nThe popular character of the successive generations work says the crossover work which gathers at one hall, and it's also 1 of highlights that the character of the early stage work is revived by the latest graphic, isn't it?nAdvanced registration starts at Thursday, March 17, 2022. The advanced registration promotion by which the reward which can response to the registration number increases was put into effect, 300,000 cases of most registrant rewards announced first are swift attack clearance.nAdded 500,000 cases and 750,000 cases, I don't stay and surprisingly, break through 1,000,000 cases of advanced registration! "OBU of awakeningx 100" is also going to be presented at the time of the starting service as well as the reward announced up to now.nYou're happy because you can feel how long many people were waiting eagerly for a new design of "St. sword legend" to see this momentum, right?nAdvanced registration begins, and 1 month passes, and that you may start servicing by and by, when it was watched, a starting service day of "St. sword legend ECHOES of MANA" decided at last!

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