"Final Fantasy" series of SQUARE ENIX a series 1st work is sold in December, 1987, and after a while is loved at the whole world, and by which the genre as the RPG keeps towing itself.nFinal Fantasy series 35th anniversary plan says a 35th anniversary of series in 2022, and starts, and a specially-installed page is also established.nWhen I'm here to a game work, the latest model "STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN" is sold in March, 2022, and it's big-grossing at the whole world, isn't it?nWhen calling a name "Final Fantasy" to a concerned work, it's authorized by a Guinness world record as an RPG series with the number of most works, but isn't it the numbering title that number one imagines as expected?nAs much as being different in the title of which I have a special feeling depending on the generations, it's here and is also the topic of conversation which is most for a game lover. Are they IV, V and VI personally?nThat a T-shirt with the design from I to the latest model XVI which will be sold now is sold from UNICLO the first of long "Final Fantasy" of such history decided!

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