April of 2022 is also the second half of the game. Isn't it when everyone who could begin a new life has begun to be a little familiar, too?nIt'll be when most people have begun to feel fatigue a little because it's busy April in many ways even if it isn't a new life.nLong holidays in the spring to which everyone such is looking forward "Golden Week" are doing from the end of April!nWhen making 2 days in middle day a rest, there is a person as at most 10 consecutive holidays, too, so I travel and return home, and it's done freely at a house, and if, it'll be to make a plan respectively .nIt'll be a game that you can return home, be everyone and enjoy yourself by both of them which are freely by themselves by a house as expected!nNintendo Switch is also convenient for carrying in particular and the party game which can be enjoyed by everyone is also enriched, so every kind of scene is a major achievement!nThat the "Nintendo Switch Golden Week sale" it's possible to buy is held profitably decided about the title of such Nintendo Switch!

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