The Pokemon fact "Pocket Monsters" series which keeps not knowing the popularity to accelerate and even if 26th anniversary is met and bursts in the 27th.nSale of a perfect new design "Pocket Monsters O'Hara Violet" is also an announcement in 2022 and within and then a realistic event also decides on a holding fact as a global event of "Pokemon GO" "Pokemon GO Fest 2022" in 3 after, and a topic related to Pokemon seems to be also the year when I don't run out this year.nThe Pokemon with a large number of abundant individuality doesn't stop in the game, and is everyone doing various goods development so that you can't finish counting, and have 1 in a goods with the Pokemon design?nThere are also a lot of pretty characters, so it's the Pokemon with which it's also compatible with an apparel, future, when it was becoming warm, a new item of the T-shirt which comes in handy was an announcement to appear!

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