Nintendo Switch edition of the famous story dramatic adventure which became a big hit at the whole world "thirteen plane soldier defense area" won various chapters such as an excellent prize of "Japanese game jackpot 2020" away, and was on sale on Thursday, April 14 , 2022!nA writer buys and has played 4th edition of PS in a sale date, NETABARE, can, I say the title and I recommend the one which should be done or the very difficult title how.nThe title which can declare to be fascinating without fail personally, without searching for the person who says so that he was interested, first, it's being delivered, please play and see "an early stage, a whole, trial version"!nSuch thirteen "plane soldier defense area" is the title a vanilla wear limited company handled.n"Auden sphere" "vague Muramasa" "Dragons crown" and all that, a large number of famous story titles and an invented vanilla wear will be 20th anniversary of establishment in February, 2022! Congratulations!nThe vanilla wear which would keep inventing the famous story title also announced the commemoration title at 30 and 40 20th anniversary this time now.nThat famous story magic fantasy RTS becomes good-looking and is returning!

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