A professional baseball also begins at the real world and it's 2022 of uproarious ZUKU SHI from a start.nEach baseball team will be variously, but it'll be a perfect game by Lotte Chiba's Sasaki akiramare pitcher to go up to a topic by this timing as expected!nThough only a thing as the historical youngest person and perfect game achievement in 28 after is an unexpected thing, because to be scolded for an editorial staff happens actually if even a Japanese equal record as 19 strike-outs is the cartoon driven at the same time , I can't resign from a baseball fan.nA professional baseball also rises, but the sale of "a eBASEBALL powerful professional baseball, 2022" which is also Konami in the game world is drawing near on Thursday, April 21, 2022, and PAWAPUROFAN advancing the game I'm playing for clearance will be also a lot of things to concentrate and play.nPopular "success" "garland nine" "PAWAFESU" powers up big to a work now and the play number of years of "pennant" is indefinite. Such as more new modes "PAWAPAKU" are added, it becomes so easy in the volume which can't play up.nPAWAPUROSHIRIZU is also funny by itself, but the pleasure spreads by playing by everyone and play animation and the real condition delivery also rise very much.nYou assumed when even "PAWAPUROKUNPOKETTO R" sold last year was obeying rules, the animation delivery was formal, and that OK, and it rose very much, but a formal animation contribution guideline was exhibited to PAWAPURO 2022!

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