Modern society in the ENADORI warlike ages when various manufacturers are selling the energy drink with the abundant individuality.nThey're a convenience store and a vending machine at the time of attendance in every morning and going to school, "Which ENADORI will you make it today?", it's the wonderful time when ENADORI can be chosen by feeling on the day, isn't it 't it?nIt's the cheerio to which even "lifeguard" is familiar that unique ENADORI is being also sold various at the inside, isn't it?nENADORI of hot exclusive use "warm" as well as "lifeguard X" and "lifeguard infinite" of the righteous government into which lifeguard's flow is assembled are also dealing with sharp goods.nThe energy drink if that I also became the topic of conversation at the inside says Japan, which imagines and has developed the monster king who represents the world "Godzilla" "GODZILLA ENERGY"?nPowerful "Godzilla" was the finish suitable to put on a crown, and made the name of the caffeine mixture amount of the 210mg and the monster best a designed package per 500 ml of purple liquid color and 1 can.nBut that the 2nd version is sold announced "GODZILLA ENERGY" which becomes the sale first anniversary soon!n2 kinds of "Godzilla" newly arrives this time!

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