Until sale on Friday, June 24, 2022, 2 month, a little, if, the "FAIAEMUBUREMU incomparable sprinkling of snow snow month" which has drawn nearnBecause it's the reason by which KOETEKUMOGEMUSU which has developed an original work as well as an intelligent systems becomes "incomparable", "FAIAEMUBUREMU The sprinkling of snow snow month" is the title for which you're having big hope from an announcement the time though it's the popular title with which you compete for 1 or 2 though it's the long "FAIAEMUBUREMU" series latest model of history, right?nIt was sold in 2017, "FAIAEMUBUREMU, incomparable", for, it seemed All-Star Games-like, but a work of "sprinkling of snow snow month" became "incomparable" for a work now, so it was watched what kind of game it was, but a trailer exhibits 2nd of "the FAIAEMUBUREMU incomparable sprinkling of snow snow month"! New information also became clear!

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