A 30th anniversary commemoration work of the "a super robot, great war" series by which a large number of super robots and realistic robots achieve costarring of a dream "a super robot great war, 30"nA purchase privilege, a free update, a DLC(1), a DLC(2) and a frightful numerical work are entering the war on only an early stage entry into the war work's being the very splendid line-up early, so every scenario head can be disturbed in election of the sally unit in the second half, can't it? The problem too with a lot of fuselages that I'd like to use it.nSale will be to set going play to 3 weeks for 2 rounds when I said Thursday, October 28, 2021, and announced additional contents had fullied express, and everything was delivered to everyone of the spa robot fan who has gone around, too,before a DLC(2) was delivered.nBut because "a super robot great war, 30" was a commemoration work 30th anniversary, that wasn't it!nThe "spa robot channel" by which a "a super robot great war, 30" one "the latest information" is released more than 0:00 on Wednesday on April 13, 2022 delivers it!nThe marvelous "latest information" was an announcement!

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