You often said that good night sleep in spring dawn wasn't remembered, and it's becoming quite hard that I'm getting up in the morning gradually as the temperature also becomes high, isn't it?nA stress of busyness at the beginning of fiscal year and a new life as well as that and these days become difficult to come sleepily but the situation that I become sleepy often visits spring medicine etc. of the hay fever which often becomes sleepy absolutely.nIt's our strong supporter energy drink to make them wake up at such time, isn't it?nModern society in ENADORI warlike ages and various makers are selling ENADORI, but the nutrient composition which also has abundant Ito En to which even "hey, tea" is familiar and the price I tend to find are selling "vitamin power GO!" of charm .nA new product different in a new flavor and that and a nutrient composition from the "vitamin power GO!" which was 1 flavor up to now was released!

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