The man is expensive the time of everytime for the one by which Tamagocchi, Digimon and Pokemon etc. are the instinct of the man or an upbringing game, too, isn't he?nAfter all JRPG is also level giving = bringing and there may be something inscribed by a DNA for a Japanese upbringing game lover.nEven though there are states, the title of the genre called an upbringing game will be the "a monster, farm" series by which it was sold from TECMO (present* KOETEKUMOGEMUSU) that I was conspicuous.nIt was to make them read a disk of a music CD and was the quite unique system that a monster is born by data of the disk which made read, and a CD was frequently lent and borrowed for "monster farm" at school in those days , wasn't it?nI had "monster farms" in 2019 and a transplantation edition was sold by iOS and Android for Nintendo Switch, but I also had "monster farm 2" the fan's voice with which I'd like to play "new design" as expected in 2020 .nA perfect new design was an announcement to be released for 2022 years which have passed since the 1st kind of crop was sold by after whether the voice was received, with 25th anniversary!

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