"Tokyo game show 2022" which establishes realistic meeting places for the public, and becomes true hybrid holding as well as On-linenHolding is also a point for more than 5 months from September 15, but because it's an event of game fan attention in the whole world, each submitting manufacturer will be to begin to prepare already.nIsn't it an announcement of "Japanese game jackpot" that the "Tokyo game show" by which a large number of eye events are put into effect is watched but and in particular?n"Amateur section" and "U18 section" are put into effect by various sections, but the "annual Best Picture" elected from the inside of the title of everything is full of famous stories including each prize prizewinner as well as the first prize.nA large number of famous stories were also sold this year, but a reception of a referendum of "Japanese game jackpot 2022 year Best Picture" was starting!

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