Collaboration work "KINGDOM HEARTS" series of miracles by those Disney and SQUARE ENIX.nIt's in Japan, but it is also very popular and is the sign title as well as the "Dragon Quest" series and the "Final Fantasy" series worldwide.nA main character "SORA" enters the war on "great scuffle smash brothers SPECIAL" as the last additional fighter recently, and it's also fresh in memory that all over the world was surprised, isn't it?nThe 1st crop list sells such "KINGDOM HEARTS" series by PS2 in March, 2002. It was a 20th anniversary of series this year in 2022.nVarious items even appear and but hold "KINGDOM HEARTS 20th ANNIVERSARY CAFE" this according to the 20th anniversary, and if, it was rising greatly, but "KINGDOM HEARTS 20th ANNIVERSARY EVENT" was held on Sunday on April 10, 2022, and new information was an announcement!

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