"That earphones and a headphone aren't a cable, by the sound quality..." the talk by which now is the past.nThese days' wireless earphones and wireless headphones are also of low noise by technological progress and I also improve the sound quality very much.nThe first when I appeared even is the level almost no delay about which I worried also knows and the wireless is convenient in particular by an envoy daily.nIt's very popular and each manufacturer is selling various models and there is also a lot of something with a good performance record, so the perfect wireless earphones with which earphones in left and right aren't also connected by a line in particular are the time when something I like for the tendencies of the sound and the designs can be chosen.nAnd each manufacturer dealing with a gaming device was also selling perfect wireless earphones specialized in a game, and it was very popular, but the gaming brand of ASUS "ROG" also released the first perfect wireless earphones at last!

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