Online store of the liquor watched very much by "a blade, tusk" collaboration recently such as sake "onihetsubousake - OGA,-" and blade tusk 30th anniversary commemoration liquor "blade tusk -BAKI-" "KURAND"n"Blade tusk collaboration" is rather strong sake, but many also collaborates with many works and various liquor besides that actually, and is pretty, and is also the collaboration I tend to accept collaboration liqueur with the popular character of Mr. MUMU who lived through the one of the popular illustrator (@tamsorogi) "for a friend, bear" "the honey liquor by which a friend is a bear" by something which can be bought at present.n"The honey liquor by which a friend is a bear" is left and is little, so please hurry!nEven the person who has just begun liquor can feel charm of liquor for the liqueur abundant in variety and, "Such, is it also interesting!", there is also new discovery, so it's fun.nSuch "KURAND" released new collaboration liqueur! The next collaboration partner is that "magic girl"!

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