The "Nintendo Switch Online + additional packing" by which "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online" "Sega Enterprises Mega drive for Nintendo Switch Online" "gather Forest of an animal Happiness home Paradise" and "Malian occurred 8 deluxe course additional pass" can play additionally as well as the former service of "Nintendo Switch Online"nThe attention of "NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online" is also to the extent the person who joins at a main destination needs playing the title of 64 highly, too, at the inside, isn't it?n"F-ZERO X" and the monthly famous story title are being also added by "Zelda's legend Mask of MUJURA" and March to "big adventure of a banjo and KAZUI" and February in January from 2022, but the title is also added in April, 2022 of course!n64th edition of the "Mario, golf" series by which the latest model was also sold in 2021 is a delivery!

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