Lack of these days' semiconductor is also 1 of factors, but the short position follows the latest game machine, and there are a lot of people who can't buy it easily, aren't there?nLot sale is performed in sequence at each dealer, so when applying to a chance, Japan which can be bought should come! I'll decide not to buy it beyond a fixed price!nPS5 isn't also obtainable, but isn't it Xbox Series S|X that it's said that it's difficult to be obtainable than that?nEven if you can get the one with the small number which comes into Japan or PS5, there seem to be a lot of people who don't get Xbox Series S|X, too, don't there?nI also have the one which is such situation, and a present promotion of the body with the special design is conducted in Xbox formal Twitter, but a promotion has also started in Japanese Xbox Japan formal Twitter!nThe limitation design for this year's sexagenary cycle is presented!

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