The broadcast of "MEIDOINABISU Gold village in the scorching sun" which will be a season 2nd from July, 2022 is waiting, the cartoon which is tired of rendering service and it's an original work one teacher "MEIDOINABISU"nAn original work cartoon was also the work in topics, but a 1st of cartoon of a broadcast is the impression by which popularity has caught the fire in a season for 2017 years, and a theater edition summary version opens it after a cartoon broadcast. the "dawn which becomes a perfect new design when MEIDOINABISU is a deep soul is also a smash hit and a very popular work.nA broadcast of "MEIDOINABISU Gold village in the scorching sun" also has approached and has come, game-ization announcing that it's expected to sell a worrisome one in 2022, work "MEIDOINABISU Binary star aiming at darkness"nWhen saying CERO Z by "incorrigible action RPG" and announcing it, the game genre was a topic very much, but sale time decided at last!

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