The common name "the Konami command" fact which is the hidden command with famous best in the world "↑↑↓↓<--><--> BA"n35th anniversary is met from appearance in April, 2021, and submitting of a street wagon rises greatly 35th anniversary in first Street of collaboration cafe and Tokyo station by a mule in autumn in " "↑↑↓↓<--><--> BA" 35th Anniversary Limited Shop" and January, 2022 at Akihabara in Tokyo in October, 2021-in November up to now, and I have come.nIt's the place where I'd like to meet April of 2022 and say plunge... in the 36th anniversary, but because the FC edition sold on April 25, 1986 "Gladi Usu" is the reason which is a first appearance, it's 35th anniversary until April 25!nThat the pop-up shop where 35th anniversary of "↑↑↓↓<--><--> BA" is bound in such reason opens in Shinjuku decided!

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