The "blade of" onimetsu a broadcast of "the red-light district volume" ends, and by which cartoon-ization of "the Sato volume of the sword smith" is also an announcementnSuch as a performance of "noh farce "blade of onimetsu"" will be also an announcement in July, 2022 in Osaka in Tokyo and December, they keep increasing in the popularity in 2 years' having passed soon since an original work cartoon concluded, don't they?nIt's sold by PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X in October, 2021 that protuberance was also shown in particular at the inside, and is "blade HINOKAMI chikazetan in" onimetsu which became a big hit.nIt'll be also a popular factor that even a fight game beginner tends to say that DO can enjoy the refreshing action which is flashy production and begin newly.nAnd sale of Nintendo Switch edition of looking forward to was also a decision on Thursday, June 9, 2022, but a ufotable drawing taking new illustration was opening to the public newly!

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