The "Pocket Monsters" series a series perfect new design "Pocket Monsters O'Hara Violet" is also released, and a topic isn't also simply this year.nI think a game of various Pokemon is also enjoyed at the whole world at this moment now, but the remake by which a series is the outstanding popular title "Pocket Monsters Brilliant diamond and SHAINGUPARU" continues the run hit.nAn update is also performed at any time, and such as you can meet "Arce Usu" newly, and can go from 15:24 to "SHIN GETSUJIMA" where I need "dark lie" on Tuesday on April 1, 2022, it's still possible to enjoy new play.nThe Pokemon which is called the common name chosen at the beginning of each series "the big three" appeared by Pokemon, but what did everyone choose by die Paris make-up? Wouldn't you like to touch actually?nThe big three Pokemon of "Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl" is appearing in "softness, holding stuffed animal"!

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