"Pokemon LEGENDS Arce Usu" is also sold in January from 2022, and it becomes a big hit.nThe Pokemon fact "Pocket Monsters" series a series perfect new design "Pocket Monsters O'Hara Violet" will be an announcement in "Pokemon Presents 2022.2.27" which was delivered to "Pokemon Day" on Sunday, February 27, 2022 when it 'll be 26th anniversary, and in which 2022 also takes the topical leading part in game industry.nAn action is very high for "Pokemon LEGENDS Arce Usu" and it's said that "Pocket Monsters O'Hara Violet" is the open world of the first series, and every time a new design appears, it's wonderful that it's evolving one after another, isn't it?n"Pocket Monsters O'Hara Violet" is the first open world by a main series, but men and women of all ages is to be able to adventure by the leg, and doesn't ask about the real open world, and a popular one is "Pokemon GO", isn't it?nThat a global event of "Pokemon GO" "Pokemon GO Fest" is also held by this year decided!

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