Mr. Eiichiro Oda serializing well-received by a weekly boy jump and boy cartoon by gt; "ONE PIECE (dress)"nThe explanation is a sign work of a jump of the unnecessary level now, and an animation, a game and novelization etc. as well as an original work cartoon are the work which represents Japan where a large number of all media mix works are big- grossing, aren't they?nI run away from Japan and production of a taking a picture drama series at Hollywood is progressing, and casts are also the and all that which becomes an announcement and the work in the center of the entertainment industry in order, aren't it?nDevelopment of an original work cartoon by a weekly boy jump is going to be wonderful current as of now..., that includes big NETABARE, so I say nothing! I'll read!nSuch "ONE PIECE" is a weekly boy jump, and that the one a serial has begun is July, 1997. In other words, it'll be 25th anniversary of serialization in 2022.nThat 25th anniversary is rising also decided on Saturday, August 6, 2022 as opening to the public of a new movie "ONE PIECE FILM RED", and was decided, but newer information was opening to the public!nThe sale which is a perfect new game of "ONE PIECE" decided!

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